Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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Howard Homonoff

  • Howard Homonoff

    Howard Homonoff Principal/Managing Director
    Homonoff Media Group LLC

    Howard is a deeply experienced media business executive (most recently with MediaLink), known for “seeing around corners” to drive strategic revenue and asset growth throughout media and advertising industries. His employers and major clients have included NBCU, Fox, the ANA, the 4As, Disney, Hearst, Lee Equity, The Carlyle Group, and Cadent among others. 
    Howard is a well-recognized writer/communicator, particularly as a weekly contributor at Forbes. His writing background has helped countless companies tell, sell and develop their story to the marketplace. 
    Howard has a set of long-established, deep, and ongoing relationships throughout the media and advertising world.
    Howard's key accomplishments include: 
    • Led Association of National Advertisers (ANA), 4As, and SAG-AFTRA to build and demonstrate implementation of new data analytics platform to compensate talent on most relevant exposure metrics. Resulted in over 30,000 video commercials per year now embedded with mandatory digital fingerprint identification.
    • At CNBC, delivered bottom-line growth of 40% in streaming video business and 3x increase of ancillary revenue through creating and leading new business unit and assuming responsibility for P&L management of businesses such as streaming video, satellite radio, interactive TV, publishing, and broadcast syndication. 
    • Facilitated launch of first-generation, multi-billion-dollar broadband business at Continental Cablevision, developing strategy and leading on industry partnerships, government relations, marketing, and technology integration
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